Personalized, Custom, Made-to-Measure, Bespoke...What does it all mean?

All of these are variations on the same theme: something made specifically for an individual. EMILY MEYER clothes are custom, or bespoke. This means that after a client's on-body measurements have been taken, their own unique paper pattern is created; per this pattern, a muslin is prepared. For first time clients, we use the intermediate step of a muslin fitting to allow them to test the fit of their clothes, and make unlimited changes to their personal pattern before their garment is cut and sewn in its final form. The muslin fitting is an element of the EMILY MEYER experience that sets us apart in the world of womenswear, and is the hallmark of the highest level of bespoke experience.

For ease, we use "custom" interchangeably with "bespoke" when referring to our clothes. "Personalized" describes the EM experience, and our focus on client-specific luxury service.

Beware of made-to-measure (MTM) services claiming to provide a full custom, or bespoke experience. MTM suits are made from standardized size patterns (not that of an individual) and as such, are only alterable on very limited grounds. MTM suits are always delivered in their final form (and do not require an intermediate muslin fitting) as they are so largely standardized per traditional numerical sizing.

What is Curated / Custom Womenswear?

Curated / Custom Womenswear is short-hand for what we do at EMILY MEYER.

To curate is to thoughtfully craft a unique experience pursuant to a specific point of view. Every element, every detail, is chosen with care to create a house aesthetic that is woven into every grain of the experience. Our Creative Director, and Founder, Emily, drives and oversees the curation of the EMILY MEYER house aesthetic; our seasonal collections, design details, fabric selections, garment finishes, official playlists, and buying experience all reflect this aesthetic. The entire experience is curated, and uniquely EMILY MEYER.

Custom Womenswear refers to our clothes. All EMILY MEYER garments are custom, or bespoke; each piece is made from a client's own unique paper pattern based off of her body measurements. EMILY MEYER makes custom suiting and separates exclusively for women, and seeks to make true, personalized luxury (traditionally reserved for men and menswear) more accessible in women's shopping.

Where are appointments conducted?

Our service is available at your home, office, or at our studio in San Francisco's Cow Hollow neighborhood. At this time, consultations, fittings, and deliveries are all conducted by appointment only. To begin your EM experience, please email us:

Does EMILY MEYER accept client-submitted measurements?

No. It is impossible to achieve the level of fit accuracy that we demand without a representative of the House take our unique set of body measurements in person. Please note that there is great differentiation in the type of measurements required by various bespoke houses, and the methodology used to take them, so even if you have had bespoke garments made for you before, we will still need to measure you in person before we're able to create your garment.

Does EMILY MEYER work with clients outside of the San Francisco Bay Area?

Yes. We make regular visits to New York City; if you are interested in a New York appointment, please email us. Additonally, we do provide à la carte travel service (domestic and international) for private clients upon request, pursuant to a predetermined order minimum. Please email us for details or information on private client travel or group trunk shows:

How long will it take to deliver my clothes?

For first-time clients, the entire process, start to finish, will take between six to eight weeks. This includes the initial consultation appointment, muslin fitting, and final delivery. For existing clients, our turnaround time is between two and three weeks. We do provide rush service, should you require, at an additional charge.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

No. Initial consultation appointments are always complimentary, and there is no order minimum unless predetermined as part of a private client travel request.

Are EMILY MEYER gift certificates available?


Do you offer alterations on finished garments?

Alterations and adjustments are rarely necessary after the muslin fitting, however, in the event that your finished garment needs alterations, EMILY MEYER will cover one round of simple alterations to your clothes. We can also provide alteration services, at additional charge, to existing clients whose EMILY MEYER clothes require adjustments as a result of body changes or weight loss.

Can I change or cancel my order?

You may make changes to your order for up to twenty-four (24) hours after it is placed. You may also cancel your order, for a full refund, up to (24) hours after it is placed. AFTER THE TWENTY-FOUR (24) HOUR PERIOD, ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL AND NON-REFUNDABLE. Should you desire to make a change to, or cancel, your order within the 24-hour window, please email us:

Due to the customized and personalized nature of our products, refunds are not available. We will do our best to ensure that all clients are 100% satisfied with their experience. If your garment is damaged, or faulty, you may be eligible for a remake or repair at no cost.

How much do EMILY MEYER clothes cost?

The price of our clothing is dependent on the class of fabric that you choose for your garment, and any extra "options" that you elect (luxury buttons, contrast lining, or a monogram). Tuxedos carry a 30% surcharge. Our entry-level pricing for suiting, separates, and shirts, is as follows:

Shirts from $156 | Suits from $1230 | Jackets from $966 | Pants from $415 | Overcoats from $2581

What kind of fabrics does EMILY MEYER offer?

We offer only the most exquisite materials, including fabric from some of Europe's most storied mills with long histories of quality and value: these include Dormeuil, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Ariston Napoli. We carry a permanent collection of fabric, and also refresh certain collections seasonally. Standard business solids and patterns are available at most price ranges, whereas weaves of unique composition and complexity carry a higher price. For suiting and separates we carry 100% wool, wool/cashmere blends, 100% pure cashmere, cotton, linen, velvet, mohair, and jersey, among others. Our shirting is available in 100% cotton, and silk crepe.