Measurements + Design

Our process starts with a guided and personalized consultation with Emily. During this visit, we’ll discuss your style preferences and wardrobe needs, and we'll collaborate to choose the ideal fabric for your garments. We'll also collect a unique set of comprehensive body measurements in order to create your personal clothing pattern.

For clients unable to travel, measurements can also be submitted using our measurement form.

Muslin Fitting

The muslin fitting is the most important part of the EMILY MEYER experience; it sets our clothes apart from the rest, and embodies the true essence of bespoke. The muslin is made from the pattern created by our master tailors using your unique body measurements. This is the stage at which we make any and all adjustments to your pattern; lengths, widths, silhouette, etc. Perfecting the pattern via muslin ensures the ideal fit before cutting and sewing your garment in its final form.

For clients unable to travel, muslin fittings can also be conducted remotely via video conference.


Approximately eight to twelve weeks after placing your order, your clothes will be ready for delivery. Rarely are alterations necessary, but should you require minor adjustments, we iterate until the suit is perfect. Nothing will feel better than your first EMILY MEYER.