Cue the Music: Reimagined

A very fun (and slightly stressful) by-product of my job as Creative Director of EM is keeping abreast of what’s shown on the ready-to-wear runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris, twice a year. Fun because I get to watch elaborately staged fashion presentations for two months out of the year; stressful because there can be up to two dozen shows per day.

When I watch a fashion show, I want to understand three things: where we came from, where we’re going, and what the show says about the brand’s persona. For example: Dolce & Gabbana’s SS15 show notes said the collection was inspired by the Spanish influence in Italy between 1516 and 1713. D&G sent cropped, red and black, delicately embroidered toreador coats and high-waisted shorts down the runway…all to acoustic Spanish guitar. This tells me that the D&G woman’s sexiness is based in a quiet and seductive Old World sense of romance and sensuality. Perfect show.

The notion of honoring an original by reimagining it with an added level of nuance and individuality that justifies having reimagined it at all is really what you see on every runway, every season. It’s a large part of what I’m doing at EM, and it occurred to me that it’s also the essence of covering a song. So, to pay tribute to the part of fashion that is reimagination, a playlist of some very creative and well done covers: Reimagined. Enjoy!


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