Let’s ease into it, and start with the easy stuff. First, welcome the blog! I’m so glad you stopped by, and I hope you’ll be back often. Let me introduce myself, and tell you a little bit about what you can expect as a reader.

I’m Emily, and I founded the EMILY MEYER label not quite a year ago. I started the company with the goal of making the current womenswear game better by creating something totally new: an experience and product – exclusively for women – that combines the personalized attention of bespoke, and couture, with the ease of buying from a ready-to-wear collection.

Building the business is only part of what I do, though. I’m a culture vulture, a giver of style advice (solicited and unsolicited), and am always on the hunt for new, cool, or beautiful things that make me smile. As for my life’s non-essentials, you’ll never find me without water with a lemon garnish, a watch with a story behind it, my reading glasses, my AmEx, and my iPod.

If you think about it, the non-essentials of life help to define us, and our style, quite a bit.  Superfluous? Maybe, but little details always enrich, amplify, and inform the larger whole.  They serve as emotional connectors, too. Ever hit it off with someone you just met because you realized your moral worldviews are the same? Not so much. More likely, it’s because you bonded over something like a mutual love of Dijon mustard. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t appreciate a detail.

It’s life’s non-essential details that will serve as fodder for this blog. Think of this as equal parts style guide, and behind-the-scenes view into my life and work.  More importantly, think of it as a conversation of sorts with the EMILY MEYER brand. Who knows, y’all might hit it off.