Introducing… The New Monograms

A concept I talk about often, with regard to the brand, our clients, and myself, is the Essential X. It’s a tangible way of approaching the idea of duality: the idea that everything embodies contrasting aspects. Dualism transcends religion, philosophy, design, mathematics, music, and more, but what’s most striking, to me, is how it can be manifested in people and in design. That is, something that is modern and traditional; indoor and outdoor.

The hippie philosopher, Alan Watts, once said, “Duality is always secretly unity.” Watts is talking about the paradox of duality: the ability to embody opposites while maintaining unity as singular whole. Often unity is mistaken for polarity. Polarity comes from a place of OR, while unity comes from a place of AND. At EM, we believe that AND > OR. AND is where personality is born. It’s from the place of AND that we’re able to express our depth and richness.

Unity is achieved when one’s ANDs coalesce into an I. Your ANDs are tied together, in harmony and in dissonance, and presented as one. Just as in music, when harmonious chords have unstable intervals between them, but are resolved in their presentation as one entire piece of music. It’s this expression of the unified I that is the divine manifestation of self.

Our suits are meant to celebrate our clients in all of their fully-manifested glory: their personality, their body, and their essence. That means enabling and empowering our clients to harness and express their Essential X: Practical x Extravagant, Masculine x Feminine, Traditional x Maverick. Everything and everyone, has an Essential X, and our goal is for our suits to be a means by which our clients can fully express theirs.

To celebrate and reflect our belief that AND > OR, and to present EM in all her glory, we’ve designed a package of secondary monogram logos that capture our various aesthetic identities. Each monogram evokes a different mood, style, or era, but adheres to the singular essence of EM. We’ll be using the new monograms as labels on bespoke shirting, and whenever the mood strikes.

Inspired by

Mid-Century Modern x Art Deco

Frank Sinatra x Studio 54

Desert x Ocean

California x New York

Minimalism x Maximalism

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