I used to practice signing my full name when I was little. It seemed a very adult thing to know how to do, and even better, it seemed to be something that only very important people did. I’d fill entire pieces of paper, front and back, with variations of my signature. You know, to see what looked best. Typical Leo behavior. Since then, though, my signature has (d)evolved into a hurried scribbling of my initials. Curt, sure, but those four letters are me.

Signing something means leaving a piece of yourself somewhere. It can be a lovely, binding, memorable, and powerful thing to do. I started thinking about signatures in the broader sense — more like the things that are one’s hallmarks or calling cards. Style and the way we dress can certainly be memorable, even signature. Being a lover of details, though, I especially notice people’s go-to personal accoutrements. Those things that you “wear” almost every day. For me, those are things that either mean a great deal to the wearer, or are her absolute favorite in the world. They’re a little window into someone’s personality, and are things that people recognize as “so her” even when they’re not on her.

Trends and new things are fun, but my signatures tend to skew towards timeless:

1. L’Occitan Eau de Toilette: Officially a men’s fragrance, but that’s never stopped me. Based on classic AOC lavender, it’s rounded out with black pepper, burnt wood, and nutmeg. A little mystery, a little ruggedness.

2. Vintage Breitling Chronomat: This is special to me because it was originally a gift from my grandfather to my father. Then my father passed it on to me. Threw on a new saddle brown strap, and I was in business.

3. Gold Bangle: A wonderful birthday gift, and my favorite piece of jewelry. Timeless and chic in yellow gold.

4. Oliver Peoples Benedict: I have Tom Cruise in Top Gun to thank for my love affair with classic black and gold aviators. Still relevant, and sexy, twenty-eight years later.

5. Louis Vuitton Card Holder: LV’s monogram canvas has been around since 1896; talk about classic, and always chic. I’m not a purse girl, so this keeps all that I need in a beautiful, low profile package.


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