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ELSEWHERE always embodies the promise of something better, or at least something more than what is right now. Perhaps an ill-advised promise to seek, as it pulls one from the present, but it’s the fantasy element of Elsewhere that I wanted to celebrate.

            We dress differently elsewhere. We feel differently elsewhere. We behave and carry ourselves differently elsewhere. Perhaps more like yourself. Perhaps a self that is longing to be expressed. We never know how our souls are going to feel in a certain place until we get there, but we can imagine the self that we’d like to be there. Most of the time it’s an less inhibited, more honest version of ourselves. The self that wants to let loose.

The relationship between being away, and letting loose, has always fascinated me. What about being elsewhere makes us feel free? Even wild. Elsewhere holds the promise of the pleasurable, the fabulous, the sensual, and the exciting. Sometimes its promise is one of secret safety, where we can soft-launch new selves and new relationships.

Ultimately, ELSEWHERE is inspired by just that: a glamourous, private hideaway playing host to a nascent love affair; a place where lovers can exhale and be themselves.


Emily Meyer