Meet Em

Emily walked away from a career in corporate law with a vision and longing for distinct and daring women’s suits. EMILY MEYER was born six months later. Immediately, the world of American bespoke was changed – women were not just tolerated, they were everything.

With her signature air of irreverence, Emily invited her clientele to see the experience of dressing as a freeing expression of one’s story – fact or fiction; suiting as an outrageous fantasy, as an adventure, as armor, as a triumph, or as liberation.

In the years that followed, she translated suiting into street, evening, office, and resort staples. Before long, her book of clients was filled with aesthetes and public figures. Style critics became supportive fans, and dear friends. Almost a decade on, Emily is embraced for her craft, cleverness, and distinctly California spin
on sophistication.

EMILY MEYER is bespoke, at last, for the badass.

Hello, gorgeous.