The X

Now X Forever
Business X Pleasure
Elegant X Irreverent
Practical X Extravagant


We’ve always been inspired by the idea of duality: the idea that everything embodies contrasting aspects. Emily refers to this philosophy as the Essential X – the core contradiction, combination, or mashup, that lies within.

We believe that AND is greater than OR, and that it’s AND whence we’re able to most fully present and express ourselves. At core, the Essential X is about embracing yourself and honoring all of your aspects, contradictory or otherwise. EM suits embody their own Essential X, as does each of our clients. Our mission is to know and understand each client such that the suit we create for them reflects and radiates who they are. EM suits seek to celebrate clients in their full glory; one-of-one for a one-of-one.

The philosophy of the Essential X informs not only our mission — but our design ethos, and visual inspirations. Suiting design is rooted in tradition, and is rarely considered edgy – but through a subversive approach to proportion, color, texture, and finishes, it can break all the rules. As such, we are deeply rooted in tradition but rarely feel bound by it. EM’s aesthetic is informed by larger-than-life archetypes of the American landscape, bound by – if nothing else – a burning determination to leave their mark on that landscape.

Wall Street Gods. Cocaine Cowboys.

Rebel Heiresses. Self-Made Royalty.

Romantics. Hedonists. Traditionalists. Innovators.

It’s our honor to follow suit, and suit those that embody that passion.

Hello, gorgeous.